Starting Monday 3rd of May

The Training Camp is back! Our challenge is designed to help you achieve your training, nutrition and mindset goals.⁠ Expect to transform yourself physically and mentally, and enhance your overall performance.⁠

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What's the Training Camp?

The Training Camp is a 6 Week Challenge that mirrors the physical and mental preparation a boxer undergoes before a fight. Our program follows the athletic progression required to transform your body, and the nutritional and mindset guidance to help you perform at your PEAK.

The Ecosystem

Everything you need to perform at your PEAK!

  • Unlimited training
  • Elite Athlete Training Cycle
  • Weekly nutrition support
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Shopping lists
  • Recipes
  • Motivation tips & more!

And you can use our Training Camp App to help you track your progress throughout the camp.

Access your meal plan and recipes
Track your progress
Set targets and goals
Shopping lists and more!

The International Prize

Be in the running to WIN our International Prize!

An expert panel of judges will select a Male and Female International Winner at the end of the Training Camp based on their overall transformation, body composition changes and fitness benchmark improvements.

Join the Camp!

Our Training Camp is free for members! Join now to get access to our Training Camp 6 week challenge and get into PEAK fighting shape!